Plastic Injection Molding


Plastic mold injection factories operate around the clock in order to maximize the throughput of the expensive machinery. Most plants own several production units, scaling to the required volume of manufacturing.

Electricity is considered one of the main production costs in this industry, resulting in high energy bills for manufacturers.

There is an ongoing market requirement to reduce the machines’ substantial energy consumption, and, therefore technologies that address this need are sought after. The saving desired by end users includes reducing energy bills, maintenance costs, downtime, and CO2 emissions in order to protect the environment.

PowerSines has a long-term track record of helping industrial facilities save energy by using SinuMEC CSD. SinuMEC’s patented technology enables plastic mold injection factories How to order Avana save up to 38% of their energy consumption, without affecting the quality of the products or causing any other undesired alterations.

Furthermore, SinuMEC is now buy Avodart online RX integrated with PowerSines’ new, innovative, Energy Hub, which enables increased saving and effective management by using varied meters, sensors, sub-meters, load control, and more. Since most facilities have multiple production units, multiple SinuMEC units can be installed to match the loads.

The solution enables an attractive ROI, as well as significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

SINUMEC'S BENEFITS Up to 38% direct saving in energy consumption

 Attractive ROI: 1 – 2 years

 Very simple implementation process

 Reduction in motor temperature and in maximum power value consumed (kVA)

 Pure magnetic technology

 Harmonics filtering capability

 Decrease in downtime & maintenance costs; increase of motor lifetime

 Lowering of CO2 emissions