HS Series


The PowerSines HS Series is a family of smart energy saving products designed for small-businesses and houses. The products’ proprietary power technology, small footprint and easy installation enable users to enjoy the full benefits of power optimization – saving electricity, reducing CO2 emissions, and extending the life of electrical devices.

Save Energy and Reduce Costs

The voltage supplied by utility companies fluctuates at the range of 230V±10% while electric appliances function most effectively at lower voltages. Overvoltage wastes energy, shortens the lifetime of appliances, and can cause equipment failure. By lowering, optimizing and stabilizing the voltage, energy is saved and equipment lifetime is extended – providing ongoing, significant, direct and indirect costs reduction.  

PowerSines innovative HS products automatically monitor the incoming voltage and ensure that the right voltage level is continually supplied to the appliances.

Protect Electrical Appliances from Power Surge

The PowerSines systems’ robust design guarantees reliable operation and minimum maintenance. A central surge protection option is available for safeguarding expensive electrical equipment, eliminating the need for appliance-specific protection devices for TVs, computers, HiFi systems, refrigerators, etc.

Monitor and Control Remotely

PowerSines HS Series energy controllers are fully integrated with PowerSines Remote EMS (Energy Management System). This is a proprietary IoT site-level loads’ monitoring and management system, enabling full visibility and control as well as advanced analytics for effective energy management, using a cloud-based solution accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Reduce CO2 Emissions – Protect the Environment

Each KWh of electricity consumed releases an average of 0.5 kg CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. PowerSines HS units reduce electricity consumption. Beyond saving money, the products lower each site’s carbon footprint – and by so, contribute to a greener planet.



 Energy saving of 8%-18%

 Overvoltage elimination and input voltage stabilization

 Remote monitoring of energy consumption and saving

 Central Surge Protection protects appliances from voltage spikes

 Quick and easy installation, using existing electrical infrastructure 

 Small footprint

 Electrical equipment’s lifespan extension

 Dual bypass mechanism (automatic and manual)

 CO2 emissions reduction 



Remote EMS

Remote EMS





HS Series