About Us


http://icareforchildren.org/what-we-do-3/nf-december-6-march-7-2018 PowerSines Ltd. is a market leading, global provider of smart voltage optimization with site-level loads management and analytics.  

PowerSines products are built using proprietary and patented power topologies which offer unparalleled efficiency in saving. The products’ compact size is perfectly suited for tight spaces, and their highly robust architecture is suitable for mission critical applications. In addition, PowerSines’ systems feature an integrated, IoT site-level loads’ monitoring and management along with advanced analytics system – the  buy provigil online with prescription PowerSines Remote EMS (Energy Management System).  

PowerSines systems enable quick ROI (1.5 – 3 years) by saving electricity and reducing operational and maintenance costs.  Furthermore, CO2 emissions are lowered, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

PowerSines products are a very practical energy-saving solution within almost any company’s energy efficiency program, and are considered by customers as one of the “easy wins” (or “quick wins”) when it comes to their energy-saving strategy.


go PowerSines addresses the energy saving needs of varied types of facilities and industries:

  • Commercial Facilities – with Mixed Electrical Loads
    ComEC VS, PowerSines’ flagship product, is an innovative Universal Energy Controller which saves up to 18% in energy use on mixed electric loads in commercial facilities.
  • SMEs and Homes – with Mixed Electrical Loads
    The HS series is a smaller version of the mixed loads solution, suited for installation in small businesses and homes . It saves up to 18% in energy use.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Lighting Systems
    SmartLEC is PowerSines’ advanced Lighting Efficiency Controller. SmartLEC reduces electricity costs for indoor and outdoor commercial, retail and street lighting by up to 40%.
  • Electric Motors – Fixed Speed and Variable Load
    SinuMEC is PowerSines’ Sinusoidal Motor Efficiency Controller which reduces energy consumption, and improves power quality parameters and operating costs for electric motors working at fixed speed and partial/variable loads.

PowerSines’ customer base is broad, diversified, and is spread worldwide. It includes supermarkets, hotels, fast food and restaurant chains, petrol stations, hospitals, convenience stores, municipalities, logistics and transportation companies, and many more. PowerSines products are in use by many industry leading, high profile, international customers, trusting us to provide them with attractive energy saving and operational efficiency.