About Us


PowerSines is a global provider of smart energy efficiency solutions for energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions. PowerSines solutions utilize patented voltage optimization, regulation and control technologies in order to deliver the RIGHTvoltage technology to the market. This technology allows electrical savings and CO2 reduction for all commercial applications, as well as in outdoor and indoor commercial lighting, and industrial motor applications.

Our Universal Energy Controller (ComEC) saves up to 18% energy for commercial facilities on all electric loads, the Lighting Efficient Controller (SmartLEC) significantly reduces electricity costs for ndoor and outddor commercial, retail and street lighting, and our Sinusoidal Motor Efficiency Controller (SinuMEC) reduces operating and electrical costs for electric motors with partial/variable loads. In addition, we provide a built-in Remote Energy Management System (EMS) with the ComEC and SmartLEC to enable complete control and monitoring of all electric parameters from all sites.

Companies using the ComEC voltage optimisation system with the built-in Remote EMS are able analyse and program all their electric consumption online and in real-time. Customers include Beaverbrooks retail stores, TSC Cooling Plant, McDonald’s restaurants, Alpendorf hotel, and Chicken Cottage supermarket.

Companies using our SmartLEC products see immediate business benefits underscored by direct electricity savings of up to 35%. Our client base includes IBM office buildings, FedEx warehouses, McDonald’s parking lots, CocaCola plants and warehouses, Statoil and OMV gas stations, as well as Carrefour retail stores. 

Clients using our SinuMEC products enjoy improved efficiency and operations throughout the entire network.  Client base includes Unilever, Italcementi, Cemex and Stork.

PowerSines solutions play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions by managing the sustainable use of electricity. With tens of thousands of units already installed in corporate clients around the world, our products are proven effective for energy efficiency ensuring financial savings while implementing a green strategy.